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The owners of Paxton’s Grill opened their family-friendly restaurant in early 2000 with a nod to the first settler in the area, Colonel Thomas Paxton. The owners were offered the opportunity to acquire the building you are in, where they envisioned a second establishment offering quality food and service in a friendly atmosphere in Historic Loveland.


This historic building, which dates back to the mid-1800s, was originally named the Ramsey Building. The Ramsey families, along with the Paxtons, were the first families of the area. Colonel Paxton and his sons-in-law came to claim a 1,000 acre grant that he received for his services in the Revolutionary War, an area that included what is now Loveland. One son-in-law, Colonel William Ramsey, laid out the adjoining towns of Paxton and Loveland. Another son-in-law, John Ramsey, and his wife Katherine McKinney Ramsey had a daughter named Isabella, who married James Loveland in 1841. James Loveland was Justice of the Peace, General Store owner and Postmaster for both the town of Loveland and Paxton, which, in 1863, was consolidated into one town, Loveland.


The fire that destroyed an entire block in Historic Loveland in the Summer of 2017 dealt a blow to our plans, but with the help of so many we have been able to realize our vision of taking this historic building, adding to its character, and creating an atmosphere that we hope will be enjoyable for all. As we rebuilt from the fire, we kept much of the historic character of the main two-story brick building intact. The addition of a new enclosed patio and rooftop deck, offers a wonderful place to enjoy family, friends, quality food and a relaxing environment for all.


Thank you for joining us and welcome to Ramsey’s Trailside.


John, Ralph, Jeff, JT, JR, Kevin, Tim & Tom



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